Hawaiian Idol & Jr Hawaiian Idol FAQs

Qualification period for Hawaiian Idol will be held in the karaoke lounge from May 17th – June 15th.

Hawaiian Idol contest requires contestants to be 21 and over. Jr Idol contestants are required to be between the ages 14 and 20.

Hawaiian Idol contestants must qualify with our XFactor Karaoke host/hostess in the karaoke lounge. Hours are Monday-Saturday, 6:30pm – 1:30am and Sundays from 12:30pm – 1:30am. You will get 1 free song to try and qualify, and additional songs needed to qualify is $1 per song.

Jr Hawaiian Idol participants must qualify during auditions on June 22nd in the karaoke lounge. Practice days are Saturday, June 8th, Sunday June 9th, Saturday June 15th, and Sunday June 16th. Jr practice will start promptly at 9:30am – 12:30pm. You will get 1 free song to rehearse, and additional songs needed to rehearse is $1 per song.

When you qualify with the karaoke host/hostess, he/she will have you fill out and sign a release form with basic information and eligibility requirements, and will then be issued a golden ticket indicating your qualification. A reminder email/phone call will be made a week prior to the semi-final round.

Hawaiian Idol semi-final round and final show will be held at KBXtreme on June 22nd and June 29th. The semi-final round will begin at 6:30pm with check-ins starting at 6pm. The final show will start at after Jr Hawaiian Idol contestants at 7pm with check-ins starting at 5pm.

Jr Hawaiian Idol auditions will be held on June 22nd from 10am to 2pm. The top 6 performers will advance to the final show on June 29th at 6pm with check-ins starting at 5pm. Practice days will be Saturday June 8th, Sunday June 9th, Saturday June 15th, and Sunday June 16th from 9:30am – 12:30pm.

You do not need to attend the practices, however, you will not be allowed to rehearse on the day of auditions.

The customer service desk has Jr Hawaiian Idol contestant information sheets available for those interested in attending practice days.

Yes, at anytime you may come and view the karaoke lounge catalog at the Hawaiian Idol information station located outside the karaoke lounge.

No, only songs from the karaoke lounge book will be allowed.

Audience votes count, so yes! The more you bring the better! Family and friends are more than welcome to attend the semi-final and final show.

Dress to impress the judges!

KBXtreme will send the Hawaiian Idol winner to Las Vegas, Nevada for will a chance to compete in a nation-wide singing contest, complimentary travel and hotel stay, along with $500 in cash.

KBXtreme is in the process of finalizing prizes for the 1st and 2nd place winners. They will also be showcased in different community events throughout the year.